Friday, October 29, 2010


In my opinion, there are many advantages that I have gained during enter this ICT class. I think engage, empower and enhance have given useful guideline in order to help better understanding among the students. From engage, we can elicit the students’ ideas so that we can know what is the prior knowledge about the topic that will be learned on that particular period. This is important part to assure that there are no more misunderstand regarding the lessons. Next, empower is used to plan the experiment to exposed the students regarding the topics. And, at the end of the experiment, we can discuss why, what, where, when and how does the process happen based on the results obtained. Then we use enhance to know whether the students can cope up with the real concepts or not. For instance we can provide some pictures and questions to assist the students and make them more clearly understand regarding those particular topics. During choosing the suitable concepts or scenario to build this data logger we have faced many troubles. We have to create what the students think, some pictures need to download and time to start the experiments. Since the laptop provided and the limited kinds of sensor, we need to choose one day that we no class. So, we can carry out the experiment effectively. Unfortunately, our group cannot do the blood pressure experiment because of the spoil sensor. Hence we need to change our topic to the rate of transpiration. For the first time we can finish this experiment, but when the result came out, the graph totally different from our expected. Then again we consult the experiment till the data or the result competitive with the real one. So we can easily conclude why and how does the graph obtained like that. I hope that I can do lots of activity by using data logger in school later in my teaching and learning process.

Moreover, simulation and modelling also give a lot of advantages. By using this application, we can teach the students in creative way so that the students easy to understand. Simulation means something that slow we can fast it and vice versa. For example the oxygen intake to all parts of our body and cell division. These processes happen too fast and we do not know how the processes happen. So, to give some clue, we can use simulation by uploading some videos to see how the processes occur. While modelling is something that have variables. Means that we can change the things or variables for better understanding. We can find and download the animation to see how it happen and can change the variable by ourselves. Then, we can see what the differences between the different variables are. Then, we can help the students easily without any problems. But not all the teachers can use this simulation and modelling in the classroom. This is because of lacking ICT equipment and the teachers just using the normal way in teaching and learning process. The students hard or take time to understand certain topics.

I think that the government should provide all the ICT equipments wisely so that the teaching and learning process can be done effectively. The teachers should also know how to use simulation and modelling and data logging in order to create something creative in teaching and learning process. Hence, the students feel excited and always pay attention during the class. Other than that, the teachers themselves should try to create something new in teaching so that the students always pay attention and easy to understand in class.