Friday, October 29, 2010

Issues and Challenges in Integrating ICT in Teaching and Learning in Malaysian Schools

In my opinion teaching and learning by using ICT will give a lot of complication to the teachers and students as well. First and foremost, the teachers do not have enough knowledge regarding the using of ICT in teaching and learning process. They do not know how to conduct the LCD projector, laptop and the other instrument as well. Even though many seminar have been conducted but the teachers still cannot master ICT nicely. Other than that, the teachers also do not practice how to use the LCD projector and laptop after having the seminar. So they just take an easy way by not using this application during teaching and learning process.

Furthermore, the teachers also do not know how to attract the students to pay their attention during the lesson in progress. This is because some teachers just use a common presentation without adding some cute things or something that can attract the students’ interest. This is important to make sure that the students do not feel sleepy during the teachers are teaching. Sometimes when the students always feel sleepy during the lecture in progress, they will ask their teachers to stop using the ICT during the teaching and learning process. So, in order to assure that the students always in focus, the teachers take an initiative way to not use the ICT application for the lesson in class. By doing this all the students feel fresh and not easy to get sleepy in class.

Moreover, using ICT in school is a nice way to expose the students and teachers to ICT, but sometimes the equipment is not well enough in some schools especially at rural area. The school in rural area especially in Sabah and Sarawak always in trouble when the teachers try to use LCD in teaching and learning process. They always at the back and this condition are unfair for those who are school at the rural area. The government should always know the real situation so that all the equipment are well enough. When all this things always happen, the students at rural areas always at the back and not superb like the students in urban areas. As usual students at the urban areas always perform well in using ICT. This is because they have all the equipments and well enough to support the teaching and learning process. So they can carry out the lesson smoothly without having trouble and problems.

Last but not least, the equipment like LCD projector has been spoilt by the students when the teachers are trying to use the ICT. When this situation always happen, so the teachers feel fed up to use the tools. In addition, this will waste the time to set up again all the things. The teaching and learning process cannot be done in the expected time. So the teachers need to use the blackboard or white board to replace ICT projector to proceed the lessons. In other words, the teachers need to well prepared before start the lessons so that the teaching and learning process can be done if something bad happen. The students themselves always in front of their teachers so that the teachers cannot proceed the lessons. This is because the students think that the teachers will not proceed the lessons so they can enjoy during the period.

In conclusion teaching and learning process using ICT give trouble to the students and teachers. Ministry Of Education should plays their role so that all the problems face can be solve wisely. The things like the tools, facilities to connect the internet and the teachers skill using ICT need to be highlight so that the goal to use ICT in Malaysian School can be done effectively.